Cultural and Economic Self-Determination

March 28, 1990

With the rest of the world we have been following the dramatic events in Eastern Europe.Again it is an issue of scale: the failure of a large centralized economy. The peoples of Eastern Europe are demanding cultural and economic self-determination. But while the old is being thrown off, there is a desperate need for examples … Continued

Strengthening Regional Economic Ties

April 1, 1985

Bioregional Economics Fritz Schumacher argued that from a truly economic point of view, the most rational way to produce is “from local resources, for local needs.” Jane Jacobs, speaker at the Third Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures, re-emphasized Fritz’s point through her analysis of a healthy region as one creating “import replacing” industries on a … Continued

Bioregionalism, Tribal Sovereignty, and Regional Banking

October 1, 1983

Bioregionalism The idea that America is to be understood as a land of regions is as old as the first 17th-century settlements, but it was not until the late 19th century that those regions were seen as having a physiographic – or as we would say, an ecological – character. And though historians and sociologists … Continued

Working Towards a Sustainable Future

April 1, 1983

Announcement of Third Schumacher Seminar “Tools For Community Economic Transformation’ Date: June 9th through 15th Place: Bard College in Annadale, New York (along the Hudson River) Cost: $450 per attendee (see note ) Limit: 25 participants Like the two previous seminars sponsored by the Schumacher Center, this seminar is designed for representatives of both non-profit … Continued