Peter Barnes

Peter Barnes is an entrepreneur and writer who has co-founded and led several successful businesses and written numerous articles and books about capitalism, the commons and other topics.  His latest book, With Liberty and Dividends for All: How to Save Our Middle Class When Jobs Don’t Pay Enough, proposes universal dividends from shared wealth as a … Continued

Tanya and Wendell Berry

Tanya and Wendell Berry are deeply entwined with the Kentucky community, human and natural, surrounding their hillside farm.  Through his essays, stories, and poems, Wendell Berry is the consummate contemporary American spokesperson for small communities and an agrarian ethic.

Merrian Goggio Borgeson

Merrian Goggio Borgeson is the co-founder and principal of Tule Partners, a strategic advisory and analysis firm with expertise in clean energy finance, creative community capital solutions, and sustainable economic development. Merrian also works as an affiliated researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, focused on the financing and deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy. … Continued

David Boyle

David Boyle is a fellow of the New Economics Foundation, where he has worked in various capacities since 1987—writing and editing, developing new projects, launching the time-bank movement in the UK, making recommendations on the future of money, advising on volunteering policy, and most recently participating in research on localism and the future of public services. … Continued

Eric Harris-Braun

Eric Harris-Braun designs and builds software infrastructure for the new economy. He is a co-founder of the MetaCurrency project, which is creating a platform for communities of all scales to design and deploy their own currencies, and Holochain, which will host a full array of asset-backed, value-stable currencies, setting a new class of cryptocurrencies that will … Continued

Dan Levinson

Dan Levinson has been in the private equity business since graduating Brown University in 1982 and Stanford Business School in 1988 and founded Main Street Resources in 1998. These 25+ years of running private equity firms, funds and transactions have given him a strong economic foundation and firm grounding in launching and executing complex human-scale transactions … Continued

Michelle Long

Michelle Long is the executive director of BALLE. Founded in 2001, BALLE’s purpose is to nurture and curate the emergence of a new economy — one that will gradually displace our destructive and failing economy with a system that supports the health, prosperity, and happiness for all people and regenerates the vital ecosystems upon which our economy … Continued

Otto Scharmer

C. Otto Scharmer is a senior lecturer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management. In 2015 he received the Jamieson Prize for Excellence in Teaching at MIT. He is co-founder of the Presencing Institute, which offers training and research sessions for executives and activists on how to advance the transformation of our economy, and is … Continued

Judy Wicks

Judy Wicks is a leader, writer, and speaker in the localization movement. She began buying from local farmers in 1986 for her restaurant, White Dog Café, which she started on the first floor of her Philadelphia row house in 1983. Realizing that helping other restaurants connect with local farmers would strengthen the regional food system, … Continued

Caroline Woolard

Caroline Woolard is a New York-based artist and organizer born in Rhode Island. She speaks internationally about art, design, technology, and economic justice.  Woolard is an Assistant Professor of Sculpture at the University of Hartford, a mentor at the School of Visual Arts, and the inaugural Walentas Endowed Fellow at Moore College of Art and … Continued