The Schumacher Center's online collection of lectures and publications represent some of the foremost voices on a new economics. Included are the Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures, launched in 1981 with Wendell Berry and Wes Jackson as speakers and continuing annually since then.

Those first lectures emphasized the importance of vibrant regional economies at a time when the focus of the nation was on an expanding global economy. Much has happened since then. The promise of the global economy has faded in face of ever greater wealth disparity and environmental degradation. There is growing interest in building a new economy that is just and recognizes planetary limits. Schumacher Center speakers have been at the forefront, envisioning and applying these concepts worldwide.

Past lectures have been transcribed and edited by Hildegarde Hannum. They are available as pamphlets and e-books. Order individually or as a collection for your community center, your local library, or other educational institutions. Each pamphlet is 5 Berkshares or 5 dollars. Order pamphlets here. Or, if you prefer to read online, all lectures are available free of cost.