Select Schumacher Center Lectures relating to the Commons

Peter Barnes   Capitalism, the Commons and Divine Right

Peter Barnes   Economics for the Anthropocene

Thomas Berry    Every Being Has Rights

Otto Scharmer    America Emerging: Western Civilization 2.0

Vandana Shiva    Biopiracy: The Colonization of Seed

Gordon Thorne    Community Arts Trust

Susan Witt    Informed by Place, Guided by Wisdom, A New Economy is Emerging

Robert Swann & Susan Witt    Land: Challenge and Opportunity

Wes Jackson & Wendell Berry, and Mary Berry:  A Conversation  

See also the 1966 essay by E. F. Schumacher, Buddhist Economics.

Notable Books and Essays on the Commons

Think Like a Commoner  (2014), by David Bollier

Patterns of Commoning  (2015), edited by Bollier and Helfrich.  Available free online.

The Wealth of the Commons  (2012), edited by Bollier and Helfrich.  Available free online.

Governing the Commons: The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action  (1990), by Elinor Ostrom

Sustaining the Commons  (2013), by John M. Anderies and Marco A. Janssen.  Available free online.

Our Common Wealth  (2013), by Jonathan Rowe

Common as Air:  Revolution, Art and Ownership  (2010), by Lewis Hyde

The Gift:  Imagination and the Erotic Life of Property  (1983), by Lewis Hyde

The Magna Carta Manifesto  (2008), by Peter Linebaugh

….and here is a select bibliography of additional readings.


New Economy Models: The Victory of the Commons,” David Bollier is interviewed on The Laura Flanders Show, May 23, 2017. (25:15)

The City as a Commons,” David Bollier speaks at the Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona, Spain, November 17, 2016. (32:57)

Re-imagining the Commons,” David Bollier speaks to annual meeting of Berkshire Community Land Trust, Great Barrington, Massachusetts, April 23, 2017. (49:57)

The Deeper Magic of the Commons,” podcast with James Lindenschmidt, a set of edited interviews with leading activist-thinkers on the commons: David Bollier, Peter Linebaugh, George Caffentzis, Massimo De Angelis, June 2016. (56:00)

Commons in Action,” a series of short animated videos about various types of commons, produced by the International Association for the Study of Commons.  Each of the six videos is less than three minutes.

Remix the Commons website features dozens of short video interviews with commoners from around the world. In English and French, 2010-2015.

The Commons in Political Spaces: For a Post-Capitalist Transition,” Remix the Commons. (25:42)

The Promise of the Commons” [about subsistence commons in Asia and India] Environmental Education Media Project, 2013 (50:00 version) and (20:00 version)

A Commons Conversation [on subsistence commons], Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, 2014. (5:12)