Kali Akuno

Kali Akuno is co-founder and co-director of  Cooperation Jackson, a network of worker cooperatives and community-led programs that sustain and grow a democratic, just and sustainable economy in Jackson, MS. Among these programs is the Fannie Lou Hamer Community Land Trust, which allows community members to collectively steward the land and creates opportunities for affordable … Continued

Mary Berry

Mary Berry is the Executive Director of The Berry Center and a leader in the movement for sustainable agriculture. A well-known advocate for the preservation of rural culture and agriculture, she is currently working to reconnect cities with landscapes around them. Founded in 2011, The Berry Center advocates for small farmers, land conservation, and healthy … Continued

Jodie Evans

Jodie Evans is co-founder and co-director of CODEPINK and has been a peace, environmental, women’s rights and social justice activist for fifty years. She has traveled extensively to war zones promoting and learning about peaceful resolution to conflict. She works locally to have governments, universities, churches and pension funds divest from war and to cultivate … Continued

Hildegarde Hannum

Hildegarde Hannum received a Ph.D. in German language and literature from Harvard, with a dissertation about the concept of the will in the early fiction of Thomas Mann. After teaching German language and literature at Hayward State University, UC Berkeley, and Connecticut College, she turned to a career as free-lance translator from German to English … Continued

Tony Hernandez

Tony Hernandez is the Director for Dudley Neighbors Incorporated, the community land trust established by the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) in Roxbury, MA. Dudley Neighbors Incorporated (DNI) has been promoting the community land trust model as well as building towards what now spans over 32 acres of land over 30 years throughout Roxbury and the … Continued

Brooke Lehman

Brooke Lehman is a co-founder of the Watershed Center, located on a farm in Columbia County, NY. She is a life-long activist with 15 years of radical program design and teaching experience. Lehman holds a Master of Arts in Social Ecology (an interdisciplinary field focused on the social and ecological transformation of society) from the … Continued

Niamh Leonard

Niamh  Leonard first learned about the Schumacher Center in 2012 when her father began visiting the archives and writing E.F. Schumacher’s intellectual biography. Throughout her economics degree and in the years since, her regular visits to the Berkshires have become moments of meaning and connection: an opportunity to learn from thinkers past and present who … Continued

Alice Maggio

Alice Maggio is a Brooklyn-born and Berkshire-raised advocate, educator, and organizer dedicated to building economic institutions that distribute power and create community wealth.  From 2012 to 2017 she worked at the Schumacher Center for a New Economics, educating people in her own community and around the world about the potential of local currencies to serve as … Continued

Jerry Mander

Jerry Mander is the founder, former director, and presently distinguished fellow of the International Forum on Globalization (IFG), a San Francisco “think tank” focused since 1994 on exposing the negative impacts of economic globalization, and the need for economic transitions toward sustainable local economies. He was also, until recently, program director of the Foundation for … Continued

Matt Stinchcomb

Matt Stinchcomb is the cofounder of The Boatbuilders, a new initiative that provides financial, strategic, and tactical support to organizations, projects, and communities working to build a more resilient future in the Hudson Valley. Prior to this, he was the Executive Director at the Good Work Institute, a nonprofit organization with a mission to cultivate, … Continued

Severine von Tscharner Fleming

Severine von Tscharner Fleming is an organic farmer, young farmers advocate, publisher and organizer based in Downeast Maine. Since 2008 Severine has served as director of the grassroots young farmers cultural organization Greenhorns which produces a literary journal for working agrarians called the New Farmers Almanac.Greenhorns produce many kinds of publications, media, events and exhibits including a weekly radio show … Continued