Community Land Trusts

Modeling new systems for holding and allocating our Natural Commons—earth, air, water, and fire (minerals and fossil fuels)—in a manner that is just and sustainable. Includes legal documents for Community Land Trusts that ensure permanently affordable access to land for workforce housing, farming, regional manufacturing, local businesses, and the arts.

Civic Synergy

The collective power of people in organized networks to transform the systems that affect their lives. The Civic Synergy Program is adapting Buckminster Fuller’s famous World Game™ for current application as the The World Game Global Simulation Workshop, global-scale participatory, systems-based scenario planning/problem solving tool for participants who want to build new systems that are truly free, just and sustainable.

Reinventing the Commons Program

Characterizes a versatile social form that is reviving ancient forms of shared stewardship for resources and community, often with modern twists and the use of digital technologies.

Local Currency Program

BerkShares is the best-known contemporary example of a place-based currency. Includes detailed background material and legal documents for BerkShares and other currencies. Also includes information on "Deli Dollars" and "Berkshire Farm Preserve Notes," predecessors to BerkShares.

Community Supported Industry

The term we use to describe a multi-faceted development process characterized by consumers and producers working together as co-creators of their region's economic future.

SHARE (Self-Help Association for a Regional Economy)

A micro-lending program that offered a simple way for citizens to support import-replacement businesses from 1981-1992 in the Southern Berkshire region. Includes documents for use in establishing a community-based small business loan collateralization program.