Essays by Robert Swann on Local Currency

1995  |  Local Currencies: Catalysts for Sustainable Regional Economies (updated 2017 by Susan Witt and printed as Democratizing Monetary Issue: Vision and Implementation in the Berkshire Region of the U.S.)

1995  | Los Dineros Locales: Catalizadores de Economias Regionales Sustentables

1986  |  The Need for Community Based Credit Systems

1984  |  The Role of Local Currency in Regional Economic Development

1983  |  Borsodi’s Search for Honest Money

1983  |  Building a Community Banking System

1981  |  Community Survival in the Age of Inflation

1981  |  The Place for Local Currency in a World Economy: Toward an Economy of Permanence

1980  |  Establishing an Alternative Independent Currency

1979  |  Notes on Local Village Currency: Labor Standard of Value Versus Commodity Standard of Value

1979  |  Proposal for a Decentralized Alternative Monetary System

1979  |  Proposal for a Local Village Monetary System Based on Trusteeship

1978  |  A World Currency Based on Community Land Trust Resources

1977  |  New World Bank and Currency Proposal

1976  |  Rural Credit as a Key to Development: A Report on a Mexican Experiment

1975  |  Energy, Petrocurrency, and the World Future

1975  |  The World Monetary System

1974  |  Appropriate Currency

1972  |  Position Statement of Credit of the International Independence Institute

Essays by Robert Swann on Community Land Trusts and Land

1990  |  Land: Challenge and Opportunity

1982  |  The Community Land Trust: An Alternative 

1982  |  The Cooperative Land Bank Concept

1978  |  Land Trusts as Part of a Threefold Economic Strategy for Regional Integration

1978  |  Forestland and Energy

1978  |  Establishing A Forest Land Trust In The Ozarks

1978  |  The Forest Land Trust Program 

1978  |  Appropriate Technology and New Approaches to Ownership

1977 |  World Resources Trusteeship

1976  |  Alternatives to Ownership: Land Trusts as Land Reform

1973  |   Land Trusts and a Strategy for Horizontal Integration

1972  |   Introduction from “The Community Land Trust: A Guide to a New Model for Land Tenure in America”

1972  |  Land, Land Trusts, and Employment

1972  |  The Community Land Trust: A Guide to a New Model for Land Tenure in America

1969  |  Economics of Ecocide and Genocide

1964  |  Direct Action and the Urban Environment

Essays by Robert Swann on Peace

1979  |  Reflections on the Six Week Trip to India and its Personal Significance

1972  |  A Decentralist Approach to Development

1967  |  The Economics of Peace

About Robert Swann

2010  |  Young Vigor Searching for Light: Bob Swann, Arthur Morgan, and the Pantheon of Decentralism by Stephanie Mills

2004  |  Bob Swann’s “Positively Dazzling Realism” by Stephanie Mills

2003  |  Bob Swann Obituary by Stephanie Mills

2003  |  Stirred by Necessity and Promise by Susan Witt

2003  |  Tributes to the life of Bob Swann

2001  |  A New Peace by Susan Witt

1998  |  Peace, Civil Rights, and the Search for Community: An Autobiography

1992   |  An Interview with Bob Swann

1990  |  Redefining Development 

1990  |  Interview: Land Reform as Community Land Trust

1973   |  Lifestyle! Interviews Bob Swann

His essays also appear in:

Inflation and The Coming Keynesian Catastrophe: The Story of the Exeter Experiments with Constantsby Ralph Borsodi, with an introduction by Robert Swann (1989)

Building Sustainable Communities: Tools and Concepts for Self-Reliant Economic Change, by C. George Benello, Shann Turnbull, Robert S. Swann (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 1989)

Rooted in the Land, edited by William Vitek and Wes Jackson (Yale University Press, 1996)

People, Land, and Community: Collected E. F. Schumacher Society Lectures, edited by Hildegarde Hannum (Yale University Press, 1997)

The 1999 edition of Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered, by Ernst Fritz Schumacher (Hartley and Marks Publishers, 1999)

The Money Changers: Currency Reform from Aristotle to E-cash, edited by David Boyle (Earthscan Publications, 2002)

On Gandhi’s Path: Bob Swann’s Work for Peace and Community Economics by Stephanie Mills (New Society Publishers, 2010)