The Schumacher Center Library is a non-lending research library due to its unique or out-of-print book and archival collections. The Schumacher Center for a New Economics office is open Monday through Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm (EST) and the library is open to research visits by appointment.

Contact the librarian for assistance with questions regarding the collections, archives, or in setting up an appointment to visit or do research at the Schumacher Center Library.

The library catalog is accessible online via the library database program from LibraryWorld, and books can be searched by title, author, specific collection, and keywords. This will lead students, educators, researchers, and activists directly to material that can then be requested at their local libraries.

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 The Schumacher Center Library is thriving, thanks to the incredible support of individuals who have entrusted their personal libraries and, in some cases, their life's work to our collection. In accordance with our mission to steward the rich traditions of community economics and decentralism, the library continues to accept materials and collections, with the express intent of cataloging them and making them accessible to a larger public. At this juncture in history, we feel an urgency to bring our materials into a broader public forum.  As various economic experts weigh in on the current financial crisis—most presenting schemes to stimulate a renewal of unbridled growth—we feel it is our responsibility to register a message for a sustainable future.