Our mission is to envision a just and regenerative economy; apply the concepts locally; then share the results for broad replication.




Hazel Henderson, We'll Miss You!

An intellectual giant, a force of nature, an influencer on ethical investing— the Schumacher Center remembers Hazel Henderson, who passed away at 89.

Addressing Land Insecurity for Small Farms

Land and housing insecurity are challenges faced by many small farmers. Citizens working through community land trusts can create a solution to land insecurity and thereby help achieve greater regional food sovereignty and climate resiliency.

New Alchemy: ecological design 'Mecca'

Starting in 1969, one future-thinking group pioneered new avenues in bio-technology research and design. The New Alchemy Institute in Falmouth, MA on Cape Cod was founded as a research center to pioneer organic agriculture, aquaculture, and bioshelter with minimal reliance on fossil fuels. Its work was to discover and model greener, self-sustaining systems. Founders John Todd, Nancy Jack Todd, and…

"Since there is now increasing evidence of environmental deterioration, particularly in living nature, the entire outlook and methodology of economics is being called into question. The study of economics is too narrow and too fragmentary to lead to valid insights, unless complemented and completed by a study of meta-economics."

- E. F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful