Our mission is to envision a just and sustainable global economy; apply the concepts locally; then share the results for broad replication.




Neva Goodwin and Stewart Wallis in Conversation

In her 2010 E. F. Schumacher Lecture Neva Goodwin imagined the economy of 2075 and what we might hope to see. She identified current corporate structure, designed to increase profits for shareholders, as an obstacle to achieving a more diverse and resilient economy. She highlighted the importance of transitioning to distributed production of energy from … Continued

Otto Scharmer and Matt Stinchcomb in Conversation

Otto Scharmer understands the stages of consciousness that are necessary to achieve transformation – whether that be transformation of the self, transformation of a group initiative, transformation of a business, or systemic change. His Theory U training is a step by step exploration of these stages in different settings. An economist by training, his application … Continued

Nwamaka Agbo and Stacy Mitchell in Conversation

Nwamaka Agbo is a nationally respected voice for impacted communities, working to ensure they are not left behind with the growing New Economy movement.  Her approach, which she names Restorative Economics, is strategically focused on community-owned and community-governed projects to bring residents together to create shared prosperity and self-determination and in turn build collective political power.  In her words: … Continued

"Since there is now increasing evidence of environmental deterioration, particularly in living nature, the entire outlook and methodology of economics is being called into question. The study of economics is too narrow and too fragmentary to lead to valid insights, unless complemented and completed by a study of meta-economics."

- E. F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful