Our mission is to envision a just and regenerative economy; apply the concepts locally; then share the results for broad replication.




Hearts of Island People

By their very nature, islands have a limited land mass. The allocation of use of that land raises heightened public debate pitting social, economic, and environmental interests against each other. Community Land Trusts stand as an arbitrator of these concerns. On Friday, April 30th, we will hold the third in a series of Community Land … Continued

Informed by Place, Supported by Citizens

The small business owners of the Berkshires are my heroes. They have adjusted to the restrictions of COVID; they are meeting the economic challenges brought on by the pandemic with good spirits. I want to support them with the same good spirit and enthusiasm, letting them know the Berkshires are a better place because they … Continued

Emphasizing Community

First formed in 1969 in Albany, Georgia by Robert Swann and civil rights activist Slater King as a vehicle to ensure access to farmland for Black farmers, Community Land Trusts are now spreading throughout the world. Join us for the second gathering … Continued

"Since there is now increasing evidence of environmental deterioration, particularly in living nature, the entire outlook and methodology of economics is being called into question. The study of economics is too narrow and too fragmentary to lead to valid insights, unless complemented and completed by a study of meta-economics."

- E. F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful