CLT Coalition Directory - Schumacher Center for New Economics

Community Land Trust Coalitions

The following organizations seek to increase the capacity of CLTs 
in part by facilitating access to regional and national peer support networks. 

Baltimore Housing Roundtable

Baltimore, MD

Integrate the work of BHR members into a unified movement that will promote and facilitate social change

Bay Area Consortium of Community Land Trusts

San Francisco Bay Area

Provides a forum for policy advocacy and technical resources; Supports the growth of new Community Land Trusts in the region

(510) 548-7878

California Community Land Trust Network

Statewide; based in Oakland, CA

Forum for CLTs to share resources, policy information, and best-practices

Florida Community Land Trust Institute

Statewide; based in Tallahassee, FL

Assists government and non-profit entities with the development of CLTs

Greater Boston Community Land Trust Network

Eastern Massachusetts; based in Roxbury, MA

Network of organizations who have or are exploring community land trusts to collectively control land for farms, housing, businesses and more

Grounded Solutions

Nationwide; based in Portland, OR

Network of organizations focused on creating affordable housing and equitable communities

(503) 493-1000

Housing Network

Statewide; based in Providence, RI

Incorporated a state-wide land trust to coordinate and support the efforts of members and others to provide permanently affordable housing options in communities across Rhode Island

(401) 721-5680

Minnesota Community Land Trust Coalition

Statewide; based in Minneapolis

Leverages public and private funds for the development of affordable housing by member CLT organizations

(651) 323-8409

Northeast Farmers of Color

Upstate New York and New England

Nonprofit land trust that will acquire land or easements for the purpose of conservation and permanent affordability/access for POC farmers.

Northwest Community Land Trust Coalition

Northwestern United States

Support and enhance the activities of the community land trusts based in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Montana

(206) 323-1227 Ext. 113

NYC Community Land Initiative

New York, New York

An alliance of grassroots, community- and faith-based, and city-wide organizations, and labor groups who see Community Land Trusts (CLTs) as a promising tool in the fight to address the root causes of homelessness and displacement.