Small is Beautiful: The History of the Schumacher Center

September 1, 1997

The publication of Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered in 1973 marked a cultural shift in the understanding of the consequences of our everyday economic transactions. E. F. Schumacher introduced the concepts of human scale, local community, environmental responsibility, and permanence to our economic decision making. Following the death of Schumacher in 1977 a … Continued

A Decentralist Reader

April 1, 1997

People, Land, and Community Yale University Press has just released People, Land, and Community: Collected E. F. Schumacher Society Lectures. Edited by Hildegarde Hannum with introductory material by Nancy Jack Todd, the collection of twenty-one lectures was gathered from fifteen years of Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures. Contributors are: Kirkpatrick Sale, Winona LaDuke, Dana Lee Jackson, … Continued

Decentralist Conference

July 4, 1996

Anguilla: Small, Beautiful, and Complex Leopold Kohr hoped that the Caribbean island of Anguilla would develop into a self-managed city-state, an elegantly small nation amidst clumsy giants. In the late 1960s he worked in an advisory capacity with the island’s revolutionary leaders. The most important of these leaders was Ronald Webster. As a boy in … Continued

Land-Use Planning for Lake Baikal

June 1, 1995

Roused by the excited activities of the many returning birds to the woods and fields surrounding the Schumacher Center, Bob Swarm worked diligently to complete construction of the sixteen unit purple martin house.  It sits now in the orchard atop a fifteen-foot pole, overlooking the Berkshire Mountains, awaiting its first shiny-feathered tenants, a testament to … Continued

A Unique Collection of Decentralist Literature

October 25, 1994

Dear Friend, I would like your help. I am now seventy-six years old, and I have decided to dedicate the rest of my life to completing the E. F. Schumacher Center and placing it on solid financial ground. I need the help of long time friends and supporters of my work to accomplish this task. … Continued

Monterey Common Cents

March 19, 1994

Monterey Common Cents: Notes on a project in process This paper represents a dialog that is going on right now between the staff of the Schumacher Center and a citizens group in Monterey, a small town in Western Massachusetts. The thoughts should not be considered to be finished; instead, think of them as part of … Continued

The Promise for Renewal

December 1, 1993

The day was sunny, the lecturers inspired, the audience was wonderful, and the Yale Student Environmental Coalition delighted everyone with a delicious locally-grown lunch: the Thirteenth Annual Schumacher Lectures were a resounding success! For those of you who could not attend, you can still share in the thoughts and work of Wes Jackson, Winona LaDuke, … Continued

The Challenges of Land Reform Work

September 1, 1993

This year’s Annual Lectures will focus on new forms of land holding, and present three speakers intimately familiar with the challenges of land reform work: Wes Jackson, co-founder of The Land Institute, whose current project is the revitalization of Kansas prairie town Mattfield Green; Winona LaDuke, an Anishinaabe of the White Earth Reservation in northern … Continued

A Letter from the Interns

July 10, 1993

What a wonderful response to our March mailing! In that letter we (Terry, Susan, Matt, and Becklev) introduced ourselves and described the projects that we  have undertaken for the Schumacher Center. In reply, many of you not only became members or renewed memberships, but wrote or called the Center to express your enthusiasm for our … Continued

Building Regional Communities

April 1, 1992

Vision for a Sustainable Economy The Schumacher Center for a New Economics was founded in 1980 to further and promote the vital work which Fritz Schumacher began and outlined in his book Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered. His vision of a sustainable economy remains one of the most compelling arguments for the … Continued

A Decentralist Solution

December 1, 1991

Schumacher Center Board member David Ehrenfeld first suggested that the Center publish the Annual Lectures in pamphlet form.   He reminded us of the days in which pamphlets played a major role in the cultural life of the country. Ideas could be circulated for discussion quickly and affordably. In fact, some of the prized pieces … Continued

Buy Local Programs and Import Replacement

October 3, 1991

There is much to share: SCHUMACHER CENTER PRESIDENT TO SPEAK On Thursday, October 10th at 7:30 PM, Robert Swann, President of the Center, will speak at Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield. The topic is Community Economic Development. Bob will explore the institutional tools required for regional economic transformation and revitalization. At a time in the … Continued