A Gift of Intellectual Capital

On Saturday we received a copy of a letter from one of our members to his grandson.  The twenty-two year old had just left college to join an Occupy group full time.  The grandfather wrote:

Dear Sam, I think the various Occupy Wall Street groups have been effective in highlighting an unjust condition.  I was wondering what actions they might recommend when I received the enclosed booklet in the mail from the Schumacher Center for a New Economics.  I believe it contains many useful perspectives and suggestions. I look forward to seeing you soon. Lots of love, Papa

Readers of the collected Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures and our other publications recognize that these pamphlets contain a cross section of the intellectual capital for a new economics, assembled over the past thirty-one years, beautifully edited, and presented in a simple-to-read and affordable format.

Sam’s grandfather chose the newest:  Gar Alperovitz “The Possibility of Profound Change in America.”  But you might have your own favorite to share with family and friends. You can view the text of any of these online for free should you wish to reread your favorite before ordering as a gift.