A Decentralist Solution

December 1, 1991

Schumacher Center Board member David Ehrenfeld first suggested that the Center publish the Annual Lectures in pamphlet form.   He reminded us of the days in which pamphlets played a major role in the cultural life of the country. Ideas could be circulated for discussion quickly and affordably. In fact, some of the prized pieces … Continued

Buy Local Programs and Import Replacement

October 3, 1991

There is much to share: SCHUMACHER CENTER PRESIDENT TO SPEAK On Thursday, October 10th at 7:30 PM, Robert Swann, President of the Center, will speak at Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield. The topic is Community Economic Development. Bob will explore the institutional tools required for regional economic transformation and revitalization. At a time in the … Continued

Community Supported Financing

July 25, 1991

Martha Shaw thought of a community cheering when she designed the Deli Dollar. On May 20th, the Washington Post featured a Deli Dollar on the front page, one of four Berkshire scrips issued in cooperation with the Self Help Association for a Regional Economy (SHARE). Since then the phone at the Schumacher Center office that … Continued

Cultural and Economic Self-Determination

March 28, 1990

With the rest of the world we have been following the dramatic events in Eastern Europe.Again it is an issue of scale: the failure of a large centralized economy. The peoples of Eastern Europe are demanding cultural and economic self-determination. But while the old is being thrown off, there is a desperate need for examples … Continued

Strengthening Regional Economic Ties

April 1, 1985

Bioregional Economics Fritz Schumacher argued that from a truly economic point of view, the most rational way to produce is “from local resources, for local needs.” Jane Jacobs, speaker at the Third Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures, re-emphasized Fritz’s point through her analysis of a healthy region as one creating “import replacing” industries on a … Continued

Bioregionalism, Tribal Sovereignty, and Regional Banking

October 1, 1983

Bioregionalism The idea that America is to be understood as a land of regions is as old as the first 17th-century settlements, but it was not until the late 19th century that those regions were seen as having a physiographic – or as we would say, an ecological – character. And though historians and sociologists … Continued

Working Towards a Sustainable Future

April 1, 1983

Announcement of Third Schumacher Seminar “Tools For Community Economic Transformation’ Date: June 9th through 15th Place: Bard College in Annadale, New York (along the Hudson River) Cost: $450 per attendee (see note ) Limit: 25 participants Like the two previous seminars sponsored by the Schumacher Center, this seminar is designed for representatives of both non-profit … Continued