Future Voices

Anna Lappé speaking at the Twenty-Eighth Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures on Oct. 25, 2008.

Collectively the Schumacher Lecture pamphlets provide a blueprint for practical action in shaping a sustainable future. The voices of Wendell Berry, Wes Jackson, Jane Jacobs, Hazel Henderson, Arthur Zajonc, Thomas Berry, Judy Wicks, John Todd, and the other stellar Schumacher lecturers speak for the best of the present generation as it prepares to meet the future.

They are voices of hope and possibility—sharing a confidence in our capacity to identify and implement solutions to the most pressing problems facing the Earth and its inhabitants.

The lectures may be read for free at the Schumacher Center’s website or are available in pamphlet form for $5 or 5 BerkShares each. Easy to read, beautifully edited by Hildegarde Hannum, the pamphlets are a wonderful way to introduce a friend to these visionary thinkers.

Orders may be placed by mail, by return email, by phone (413-528-1737), or online. We would be pleased to send a set of 20 ($100), 40 ($200) or more pamphlets of your choosing (or ours if you prefer) to a school, library, senior center, or other institution you name.

Warm wishes as you join with friends and family this Holiday season.