25th Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures

Nancy Jack Todd, Thomas Linzey, Christopher Houghton Budd

Nancy Jack Todd, Thomas Linzey, and Christopher Houghton Budd spoke at the Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures on October 22nd 2005 at the First Congregational Church in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

Nancy Jack Todd, co-founder of Ocean Arks International and of the New Alchemy Institute,  described the evolution of ecological design as a viable option for creating a sustainable world.

Thomas Linzey, co-founder and staff attorney for the nonprofit Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund,  shared his expertise in the history of corporations and organizing tactics to help local communities take a stand against corporate power structures.

Christopher Houghton Budd has spent his life researching the nature and purposes of economic life. His talk imparted advice for those who care about investing their money in ways that truly make a difference at the local level.


Time Activity
9:30 Registration and coffee
10:00 Welcome
10:15 Talk by Nancy Jack Todd
11:15 Audience response and questions
11:45 Lunch – Pre-order brown bag lunch or bring your own
1:00 Talk by Thomas Linzey
2:00 Audience response and questions
2:30 Break
2:45 Talk by Christopher Budd
3:45 Audience response and questions
4:30 Closing remarks by the speakers
4:50 Reception and book signing by the speakers

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Event Speakers

Nancy Jack Todd

Nancy Jack Todd is is involved with administration, fund raising, program development, and outreach at Ocean Arks International. She is also editor and publisher of Annals of Earth, an ecological journal published by Ocean Arks International which brings together science, culture, the arts, and a spiritual dimension that informs them, focusing on ideas and projects that … Continued

Thomas Linzey

Thomas Linzey is Senior Legal Counsel with the Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights (CDER). He was previously the Executive Director of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF), a nonprofit law firm established in Pennsylvania in 1995 that provides free legal services to over 500 local governments and nonprofit organizations. He is admitted to … Continued

Christopher Houghton Budd

Christopher Houghton Budd is an economic and monetary historian with a doctorate in banking and international finance (Cass Business School, London). As director of the Centre for Associative Economics he works independently in many contexts ranging from mainstream to “green,” from central banks to organic farms. He has made a special study of the economics works … Continued