Wisconsin CLTs - Schumacher Center for a New Economics


Door County Housing Partnership
PO Box 342
Baileys Harbor, WI

Purpose:  Create affordable housing for workforce residents. 
Land Holdings:  They have completed 1 home so far and have 2 more in the works for this year, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. 

Madison Area Community Land Trust
2702 International Lane, Suite 200
Madison, WI 53704

Date Incorporated: 1991
Purpose: Secure land for marginalized communities to provide them with affordable homes and preserve urban space. 
Land Holdings: Three neighborhoods which include 53 homes, an organic CSA farm, a community garden, and restored prairie land, as well as 13 single family homes scattered around the area. 
Governance Notes:  Bylaws; Affiliate of Common Wealth Development since 2011, one third of board trustees are selected by membership, while  two thirds are selected by the board of Common Wealth Development; Collaborates on conservation easements.

Milwaukee Community Land Trust
PO Box 510781
Milwaukee, WI 53203

Date Incorporated: 2019
Purpose: Create permanent affordable housing to improve community health and quality. 
Land Holdings: They have at least one home and are working to acquire more. 
Governance Notes: Bylaws

CSA farm on Madison Area CLT land, Steve Apps / WI State Journal