Vermont CLTs - Schumacher Center for a New Economics


Addison County Community Trust
272 Main Street
Vergennes, VT  05491

Date Incorporated: 1990
Purpose: Affordable housing and land conservation. Smart growth, prevention of excessively consumptive patterns of land use, fragmented landscapes, and restrictive means of transportation. 
Land Holdings: Holds both ground leases and conservation easements; Stewards 6,000 acres of conservation land; Manages an additional 228 rental units and  340 sites in nine mobile home parks; holds 78 homes

Champlain Housing Trust
88 King Street
Burlington, VT 054021

Date Incorporated: 1984
Purpose: Create diverse and inclusive neighborhoods with affordable homeownership.
Land Holdings: 565 homes.
Governance Notes: Bylaws
Additional Information: Largest community land trust in the US, with over 6,000 members; Provides a range of affordable housing opportunities including homeownership, rental apartments, and co-op housing.

PO Box 553
Putney, VT  05346

Date Incorporated: 1973
Purpose:  Increase land access and stewardship well into the future while also protecting the natural environment of the area.  They hope to further build upon the rural New England character.
Land Holdings:  385 acres of land on 7 parcels of land in Southeastern Vermont and New Hampshire. This includes 22 leaseholds which are home to 44 people. 
Additional Information:  Earthbridge CLT was first incorporated as the Abenaki Regional Land Trust and later changed its name after consulting with Abenaki tribe members. Some of the houses on the leased land are built  by the owners themselves.  

Twin Pines Housing Trust
226 Holiday Drive, Suite 20
White River Junction, VT 05001

Date Incorporated: 1990
Purpose: Create affordable housing for low to middle income families.
Land Holdings: 60 homes total, 50 of which are in Vermont and 10 of which are in New Hampshire. 
Governance Notes: Run by a board of which 1/3 is low income themselves or reside at one of the housing trust's properties. 
Additional Information:  Currently, Twin Pines is working on creating 18 one bedroom apartments for adults who have been homeless on land sold by a local church. These apartments will be nearby physical and mental health services. 

Vermont Agrarian Commons
Shelburne, VT

Purpose: Create farm-tenure opportunities for next generation farmers. 
Land Holdings: Bread and Butter Farm, a 143 acre farm located in Shelburne, VT. 
Governance: Tripartite board, 99 year lease
Partners: Vermont Land Trust and the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board

Windham & Windsor Housing Trust
68 Birge Street
Brattleboro, Vermont 05301

Date Incorporated: 1987
Purpose:  Create permanently affordable housing for residents of southeastern Vermont.
Land Holdings: Roughly 136 parcels and homes which are rented or owned. They are working on a number of new projects which are either in the early phases of outreach or development which can be found here.
Governance Notes: They are run by a 15 member Board of Directors which includes 2 homeowners and 3 renters from the housing trust as well as public service directors and general community members.

Vermont Agrarian Commons
A depiction of the Vermont Agrarian Commons structure