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The Mystical Quality of Money

Christopher Lindstrom became interested in spreading consciousness around money upon the discovery of his ancestors’ work that was deeply rooted in the monetary system. In this lecture, he speaks about the history of money, its mystical quality, and how it became a new form of communication, similar to the written language. Although money became a necessary part of human evolution, he says, a separation of the mind and material world was created as a result, which eventually created a separation of the archetypal male and female Universal forces within the human consciousness.


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Christopher Lindstrom

Christopher Lindstrom is committed to his work to help transition the economy from a paradigm of extraction to one of regeneration. He has had an interest in and passion for the area of alternative monetary systems and local currencies since 2002. In 2003 he became a volunteer staff member at the Schumacher Center for a … Continued

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