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E. F. Schumacher: His Life and Thought

Our thanks to Barbara Wood for her permission to post her biography of her father in its entirety.

Title Page, Contents, Acknowledgments, and Prologue
Chapter 1- Grown in German Soil
Chapter 2- First Taste of England
Chapter 3- Oxford
Chapter 4- In New York One Walks on Air
Chapter 5- Hitler
Chapter 6- Muschi
Chapter 7- London
Chapter 8- A Change in Lifestyles
Chapter 9- World Improvement Plans
Chapter 10- Marx v. God
Chapter 11- Oxford Again
Chapter 12- Seeds of Change
Chapter 13- An Englishman in Germany
Chapter 14- The Final Break
Chapter 15- Caterham
Chapter 16- Learning How to Think
Chapter 17- The Breakthrough
Chapter 18- 'I am a Buddhist'
Chapter 19- The National Coal Board
Chapter 20- Year of Crisis
Chapter 21- A Fruitful Partnership
Chapter 22- Small Talk
Chapter 23- Travel and Challenge
Chapter 24- 'Retirement'
Chapter 25- Public Property

Publication By

Barbara Wood

Barbara Wood is the third of E. F. Schumacher’s eight children and his eldest daughter. She is a graduate in Economics and History from Bristol University, and also holds degrees in Theology. Before she married, she worked for the Intermediate Technology Development Group (now Practical Action, and founded by her father) and the Voluntary Overseas … Continued

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