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A Conversation About Land and Liberation


Many people around the world are suffering the consequences of what it means to live in an extractive, exploitative and polluting economic system, and are seeking to learn from other indigenous communities about what it takes for us to transition into a new way forward based on regeneration, resilience and restoration. If we can get to a place where we understand that first we must restore and regenerate the soul and the land, then we get to heal the planet, and when we heal the planet, we actually get to heal ourselves and each other. And that is part of the task that’s before us.

At the 37th Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures, Nwamaka Agbo  moderated a discussion between Gopal Dayaneni, Karissa Lewis, and Robert HawkStorm Bergin—young people from diverse backgrounds who are doing work to reclaim ownership of community resources in order to build stronger local economies and ecologies.


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Nwamaka Agbo

Restorative Economics practitioner Nwamaka Agbo brings a solutions-oriented approach to her project management consulting. With a background in organizing, electoral campaigns, policy and advocacy on racial, social and environmental justice issues, Nwamaka supports projects that build resilient, healthy and self-determined communities rooted in shared prosperity. In addition to her consulting practice, Nwamaka is an Associate … Continued

Gopal Dayaneni

Gopal Dayaneni is a member of the staff collective at the Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project. He is an active trainer with and serves on the boards of The Ruckus Society and the Center for Story-based Strategy. He also serves on the advisory boards of the International Accountability Project and the Catalyst Project. Gopal … Continued

Karissa Lewis

Karissa Lewis is the Executive Director of the Center for Third World Organizing. With extensive experience in organizing and activist training, she works to build leadership in communities of color and is dedicated to creating a movement for social justice that is led by the people most affected. She has organized around issues ranging from gentrification … Continued

Robert HawkStorm Bergin

Sachem HawkStorm is the chief of the Schaghticoke First Nations and a direct descendant of the great Wampanoag Chief Wasanegin Massasoit. Schaghticoke First Nations is one of three nations of the Schaghticoke Tribe, with 370 members, and also a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. The word “Schaghticoke” means “the Mingling of Waters,” and signifies the merging of what … Continued

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