This page includes CLTs or CLT-like organizations which do not follow traditional CLT structure. For example, this page may include a CLT which is an LLC rather than a non-profit. Additionally, there may be community housing trusts (CHTs) listed here. 

Community Housing Land Trust
c/o The Community Foundation of Northern Nevada
50 Washington Street, Suite 300
Reno, NV 89503

Purpose:  Affordable and workforce housing. 
Land Holdings: As of 2022, they have sold one house as part of their CLT, the first in Nevada. They also rent 216 dorm-style housing units at the Village on Sage Street. Currently, they are working on a possible expansion of the Village on Sage Street, which would add another 96 units.  In addition, the foundation was given 2.5 acres of land by the city of Reno which they plan to develop into  20 affordable single-family houses, which is their next plan of action. 
Governance Notes:  Since the Community Housing Land Trust is an LLC of the Community Foundation, it does not have a separate board by which it is run. However, there is an advisory group of local housing experts that functions somewhat as a fund committee and reports to the Board of Trustees. This group also votes and makes recommendations on projects which the Board is considering. 
Additional Information: Their Village on Sage Street, which is made up of dorm-style housing units, is 100% occupied as of May 2022. 

Iowa City Catholic Worker
1414 Sycamore Street
Iowa City, Iowa 52240

Date Incorporated: The Iowa City Catholic Worker is a religious organization and is not an incorporated 501c3 community land trust. 
Purpose: Advocate for personalism, a decentralized society, and a "green revolution" by following the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  Their land trust was created to provide affordable housing to low income, homeless, and in-need families
Land Holdings: They own more than $1 million in charitable property to serve the poor, house the homeless, and more. This includes two properties which are part of their community land trust. 
Additional Information:
Media: The Catholic Messenger: http://www.catholicmessenger.net/2018/08/iowa-city-catholic-worker-establishes-community-land-trust/
Little Village Magazine: https://littlevillagemag.com/iowa-city-catholic-worker-celebrates-one-year-anniversary/

Island Workforce Housing
PO Box 523
Deer Isle, ME 04627

Date Incorporated:  They are an incorporated 501c3 that was not originally formed as a CLT, but is moving towards the CLT model. 
Purpose: Permanently affordable year-round rental units. 
Land Holdings: Their first project is under construction and it  will be 5 duplex buildings with moderate-income year-round rental units. There is also a pond nearby which has been conserved in collaboration with the Island Heritage Trust. Island Workforce Housing purchased the land outright, and then placed deed restrictions on it for moderate-income housing.
Governance Notes: The board is all-volunteer and is made up of community members, mostly year-round residents, others in housing/community related fields, and a handful of seasonal residents with financial and/or housing expertise. 

The Island Workforce Housing's plan for their first project at Oliver's Ridge.

Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust
110 E. Broadway, 2nd Floor
Jackson, WY 83001
(307) 739-0665

Date Incorporated: 1992
Purpose: Affordable housing and community development in Teton County. 
Land Holdings: 181 homes that have served over 560 people.
Governance Notes: Self-perpetuating board that includes a representative of lessees.

Mariposa Eco-Village 
9101 Mariposa Drive
Amarillo, TX 79101

Date Incorporated: 2014.
Purpose: Regenerative living, research, and sustainable eco-building practices.
Land Holdings:  640 acres. Holds events at a community center which can be rented out and has spaces for camping, glamping, RVs, and more. 
Governance Details: Does not currently administer ground leases but intends to do so in the future. Board is  self-perpetuating, not tripartite but does maintain lessee representation and representation of community at large.
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