BerkShares Local Currency

Donations in paper BerkShares can be made at our offices. Donations of digital BerkShares can be made by scanning this QR code in the BerkShares app:




Donations of Stocks and Mutual Funds

You may have highly appreciated stocks or mutual funds that you are holding on to because you do not want to pay capital gains taxes. By donating appreciated investments to a qualifying nonprofit, including the Schumacher Center for a New Economics, you avoid paying the capital gains tax and can take a deduction for the fair market value of the investments.

Delivery Instructions for Gifts of Stock and Mutual Funds

Please provide advance notice of stock gifts (include: receiving account name, stock name/ticker/CUSIP, shares or approximate value and donor name).  Notification and/or questions should be directed to Salisbury Trust & Wealth Advisory’s Operations Department (Michele LaPlante – 860.453.3401 or via e-mail at

Depository Eligible Issues        
DTC Participant # 2669
Northern Trust Company
Acct. # 17-69531
Acct. Name: Salisbury Bank and Trust Co.
FFC: Receiving Account Name / Donor Name

Mutual Funds                
* Instructions for MFs are fund specific and setup may be required.  Please contact Salisbury Bank and Trust with the MF symbol and/or CUSIP so the Trust department can establish the fund account, if necessary and provide delivery instructions.

Crypto Currencies

Ethereum code: 0x49919F8f6D5579d950c8435AA947693Ca9f4c641