Reliving the Seminar

From the first read through of participants for the 2008 Building Sustainable Local Economies Seminar it was obvious that we had collected a special group. Susan said that never before had she experienced having such a talented and involved group collected for a Schumacher Center seminar. Attendees included community organizers, educators, farmers, social investors, and more. We could easily tell that we would be surrounded by wealth of knowledge, but we could not have foreseen how the connections between participants would heighten the entire experience.

On the evaluation forms filled out by seminar participants after the event almost every person mentioned the connection among group members as integral to his or her overall experience. From sharing our community’s stories on Wednesday night to the final action plans on Sunday morning, jokes, suggestions, and encouragement abounded.

We captured some of the workshop presentations and discussion in audio format, which are now posted online.


Chris Lindstrom

Alex Thorp and Elizabeth Keen

Charles Turner

Eric Harris-Braun

Susan Witt

Joseph Stanislaw