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The pursuit of a new economics has broad implications.  Our Earth is in crisis; our communities are in crisis.  We are all charged with creating solutions.  These solutions will of necessity be citizen-driven, growing from the rich soil of particular places.

At the Schumacher Center for a New Economics our work envisioning a just and sustainable economy is global in scope.

The Annual Schumacher Lectures capture powerful contemporary voices for economic reform— voices with the strength to move and inspire. They frame and inform action but are not themselves the action.

At the same time, our applied work is local.  Its prerequisite is affection for a particular community and the patience to allow the development of programs in a manner that is specific to the local culture, landscape, population, and economic history of that place. This work includes:

  • crafting innovative leases that give farmers equity in buildings and soil improvements while holding the land in community trust;
  • building BerkShares, a local currency designed to democratize monetary issue and keep money circulating in the region;
  • initiating an entrepreneurial training program for youth with an emphasis on import-replacement; and
  • engaging citizens in developing and supporting new product creation, bringing jobs to the region while retaining local ownership and control.

Our educational programs share these applied models with others through seminars, conferences, and online forums to encourage replication elsewhere.  Though the details of the programs are specific to the Berkshire region, the principles that guide them are universal in nature.

The year 2017 will mark our 37th anniversary. Please support this continuing legacy of work with your contribution.


This holiday season, consider sharing a collection of our Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures. View a full list of authors and titles here. Pamphlets are $5 each, including shipping in the United States. Two gift sets are available:

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