Economies of Permanence | Deepening the Vision

In an era when the activities of the global economy seem to run rampant undirected by conscious purpose, when the ecological and human consequences of these activities numb our sensibilities as concerned citizens of the Earth, we seek the elements of a sustainable economy—an economy of permanence in Fritz Schumacher’s language.

  • How in a new economy shall we hold land, water, air, fields, and forests in a manner that fosters long term stewardship?
  • How shall we create a medium for our exchanges that is fair, transparent, democratically structured, and accountable to the community of users?
  • How do we foster innovation in the basic production of food, clothing, shelter, and energy so that they are built safely, responsibly, and affordably?
  • How do we structure corporations so that wealth is more evenly distributed and motivated workers share ownership and management?
  • How do we act together in a regional community to build greater local economic sovereignty?
  • How do we link producer and consumer more closely to re-establish a human face and sense of place in our economic transactions?

These are the questions addressed by the educational programs of the Schumacher Center. Your support will help us deepen and broaden this urgent discussion.

Thank you for your role in shaping a more sustainable future.