Deer and bobcats and bears, oh my!

Above is Greg Watson’s wonderful drawing of the “big room” upstairs at the Schumacher Center’s Library. Strolling through, Bob Swann is smiling to see all the eager young researchers in the building that he designed and constructed. Jane Jacobs, wearing her iconic glasses, is mentoring a young community economist just as she mentored our own Susan Witt.  The neighborhood bear, bobcat, and deer are peering inside, curious to understand the excitement generated by all of those books.

Bob’s original plans included building out the lower level, and in doing so provide an additional 1,600 square feet of space.  Over the years donors have supported upgrades to electrical, drainage, and to septic systems in anticipation of further renovations.  But another $250,000 in interior work is necessary to complete the recently updated building plans to meet current building codes and new energy efficiency standards.

The result will be a humidity and light controlled environment for the seminal collections of books and papers that we so carefully steward, freeing up space in the big room upstairs for seminars and other gatherings as shown in Greg’s drawing; $145,000 of that $250,000 is already in hand or committed.

Construction is underway. The Schumacher Center Library has provided a gracious and appropriate home for our work for over three decades. Help us complete the renovations so that we can prepare for another three decades of work in developing the educational programs needed to further a just and sustainable economics.

Thank you for your support,

Schumacher Center Staff