Challenge Met: New Audio and Video Recordings

The Schumacher Center has a significant impact for an organization its size. Part of the reason for its broad influence is the combination of rich content and practical action developed over its twenty-eight years.

Fritz Schumacher’s ideas about appropriate scale and the importance of producing locally for local consumption seemed contrarian when he presented them forty years ago, but are now proving a solid basis for a new economics that is accountable to people, land, and community.

The renowned Annual E. F. Schumacher lecture series draws speakers who are providing innovative solutions for building just and sustainable economies. Finely edited, published in pamphlet form, and posted at the Center’s web site, these lectures circulate broadly, inspiring new citizen initiatives. Majora Carter’s 2007 lecture, “Sustainable South Bronx: A Model for Environmental Justice” is a wonderful example of this tradition.

However the youngest member of our board of directors, Merrian (Fuller) Borgeson, was not satisfied with the Center’s outreach, not satisfied that our website averages 7,800 hits per day. She argued that we must expand our use of communication technologies to include audio and video posting on the internet. As staff members of the Schumacher Center we are proud to say we have met Merrian’s challenge!

A selection of audio recordings from the lectures is available online. After finding a lecture that piques your curiosity, search through our publications to see if there is a beautifully edited version of the talk to study and share with your friends.

You can watch videos of recent BerkShares local currency press coverage from ABC, CBS, BBC, French TV, and Russian TV; 1991 footage of the Deli Dollars and Berkshire Farm Preserve Notes programs, which helped launch the current interest in local currencies; and, most exciting for us, 1977 video footage of Fritz Schumacher, converted from old U-matic tapes stewarded at the Schumacher Center Library on our YouTube channel.

Please enjoy all the new content and check back often as we continue placing important items online. Links are located on the front page of the Center’s website. Your financial support keeps us innovating.