Beginning with Spiritual Inquiry

Only two days remain to bid on items in the online auction to support research and first year development of the BerkShares Local Currency Program.  Publications include subscriptions to Orion, Resurgence, Yes!, Enlightenment, andVermont Commons; autographed books by John Kenneth Galbraith, David Rockefeller, Kirkpatrick Sale, Nancy Jack Todd, and Judy Wicks; baskets of books from Steiner Books, Lindisfarne Press, Bell Pond Books, Myrin Institute, New Society Publishers, and Housatonic Press; and a set of DVDs from Hazel Henderson’s Ethical Markets TV Series.

Merrian (Fuller) Borgeson, the managing director of Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, is a talented new board member of the Schumacher Center.  Her interview with Susan Witt for the Summer 2005 issue of Lilopoh Magazine reflects on E. F. Schumacher’s deep interest in the variety of spiritual traditions as witnessed by the books in his library.  This interest shapes the nature of his essays in Small Is Beautiful which begin with spiritual inquiry and conclude with practical steps to transform our economic system to one more accountable to people, land, and community.

To review the books in Dr. Schumacher’s personal collection you may search the Center’s online catalogue.

The full text of Merrian’s interview is on our website for your interest.