Announcing the Schumacher Conversations

In celebration of 40 years of the Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures, and in anticipation of the October 25, 2020 Lectures with Kali Akuno and George Monbiot, we are highlighting the work of past speakers and asking for updates of their earlier remarks in light of recent events.

With one exception, the Schumacher Conversations will take place live on Thursdays at 2PM Eastern, beginning July 9, 2020. Registration for each virtual meeting is free. The speakers, organized in pairs, will be asked to reflect on their previous Schumacher Lectures given current economic, social, ecological, and political realities, comment on each other’s remarks, and then answer questions posed by the audience. The conversation will close with concluding observations from each speaker.

The Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures represent some of the foremost voices on a new economics. The first Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures were held in 1981 with Wendell Berry, Wes Jackson, and Hazel Henderson. The theme was “People, Land, and Community.” The speakers spoke of the importance of vibrant regional economies at a time when the focus of the nation was on an expanding global economy and the role of the US in that economy.

Much has happened since then. The promise of the global economy has faded in face of ever greater wealth disparity and environmental degradation. There is growing recognition that it is the current economic system that is halting our collective agendas for a cleaner environment, more equitable distribution of wealth, and respect for unique cultural traditions. Defining and implementing a new economy will require sophisticated theory and careful strategizing to discover the best entry points for action.

Schumacher Center speakers have been at the forefront, envisioning and applying the concepts of a new economics nationally and internationally. We are delighted to welcome back many of our earlier speakers to address the key issues of the day.

Schedule of Upcoming Schumacher Conversations:

July 9 – Michael Shuman and Judy Wicks
August 6 – Greg Watson and John Todd

July 16 – Richard Heinberg and Helena Norberg-Hodge
August 13 – Wes Jackson and David Orr

July 22 – Gar Alperovitz and John McKnight
August 20 – Nwamaka Agbo and Stacy Mitchell

 July 30 – Mary Berry and Bill McKibben
September 10 – Neva Goodwin and Stewart Wallis

more events forthcoming

Earlier talks by the speakers and biographical information can be found here:

Please join us Thursdays at 2PM Eastern through October for the Schumacher Conversations.

Best wishes to all,
Staff of the Schumacher Center for a New Economics