And We Had Fun!

We are sharing highlights of our work in 2014. This year we:

  1.   Convened the 34th Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures with Matt Stinchcomb and Caroline Woolard, exploring what creative enterprise means for a new economy;
  2.  Hosted lectures by Judy Wicks, Michelle Long, and Peter Barnes;
  3.  Published our Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures on Kobo and Kindle;
  4.  Created a new economy speakers bureau so others can develop their own events;
  5. Published or republished four lectures, adding to our pamphlet collection;
  6. Acquired a book and archive collection from simple living advocate Martha Shaw;
  7.  Acquired the personal library of MANAS Journal editor Henry Geiger;
  8.  Systemized and updated our online library database for students, educators, activists, & researchers;
  9.  Developed a plan for expanding our library capacity and stewardship;
  10.  Hosted a regulatory meeting to respond to legislation regarding Bitcoin and its impact on local currencies;
  11. Launched a new website for BerkShares, which included an updated directory of businesses;
  12. Hosted international media, including Al Jazeera and a feature with Henry Rollins on the History Channel;
  13.  Prepared for the launch of a loan program in local currency focused on import replacement;
  14.  With BALLE, called a meeting to strategize how to move the local economy agenda forward;
  15.  Established an educational outreach program on community land trusts;
  16.  Co-sponsored a forum on access to farmland in the Berkshires;
  17.  Partnered with Greenhorns in hosting OUR LAND, a Berkeley symposium on creating a farmland commons;
  18.  Convened a delegation to Cuba to explore agricultural food systems and land tenure models;
  19.  Expanded the Schumacher Center’s board of directors and advisory board;
  20.  Expanded the social media reach of our resources and educational content;
  21.  Planned the fall 2015 launch of Schumacher College for New Economists;
  22.  Built our team; and
  23.  Had fun!

Your support is always welcome.

Many good wishes for the new year.