A Gift Of Knowledge

Every Friday morning for the past 48 years, Bob Geller has hosted a book club in his Fort Collins office. A retired chaplain at Colorado State University, under his care “the place grew thick with new ideas and unlikely relationships – a garden that forgot boundaries.”

Searching for an appropriate gift for such a father, Tim Geller, who is a Great Barrington friend of the Schumacher Center, decided on a complete set of Schumacher Lecture pamphlets – short essays by some of the most visionary thinkers and new economy practitioners of the past 35 years, in a format easy to read and easy to share.

View a full list of authors and titles here. Pamphlets are $5 each, including shipping in the United States. Realizing that others, like Tim, might want the option of a gift set, our staff have created two discounted choices:

  • A full set – 70 lectures (by availability) at $250
  • The essentials – 14 lectures (staff picks) at $50

In addition to friends and family, remember your local libraries, schools, community centers, and the incarcerated when ordering lecture pamphlets. Order online, by mail or by phone during office hours at 413-528-1737. Gift cards on request.

The Schumacher Lectures are also available to read, watch, or listen to online for FREE or may be purchased as e-books through Kobo and Kindle.

The Schumacher Center has envisioned, organized, and conducted its annual lecture program for the past 35 years. Hildegarde Hannum edits the talks for print. Staff publish, curate, and distribute the lectures in multiple formats—maintaining a catalogue of powerful ideas for change, assembled over decades. Your donation will support and leverage this unparalleled legacy program.


Some of our favorite Schumacher Lecture quotes:

“We do need a new economy, but one that is founded on thrift and care, on saving and conserving, not on excess and waste.”
– Wendell Berry

“They have been raised in this land, but they do not know its ceremony, its song, or its naming.”
– Winona Laduke

“Small is beautiful… because it facilitates an economy built on personal, face-to-face relationships.”
– Stacy Mitchell

“Economists are in trouble because they leave out of their calculations two terribly important factors… the cost to the Earth and the cost to the future.”
– David Brower

“Right now there’s only one major: upward mobility. The new major would be ‘homecoming.’ It would educate people to go back to a place and dig in.”
– Wes Jackson

“Labor is not a product – a watch or a motor. It’s a personal, intimate, and intrinsic part of ourselves. Human work cannot be separated from the whole person”
– Andrew Kimbrell

“I believe that when we are surrounded by those affected by our decisions, we are more likely to make a decision from the heart”
– Judy Wicks

“…our ‪economy must do two things it doesn’t do now: operate in harmony with nature and provide adequate ‪income for all.”
‪– Peter Barnes

“The fact that jail is better than home for many people is an outrage that America needs to deal with”
– Cathrine Sneed

“The planet is part of the ecosystem; the planet is the ecosystem. There is no economy without ecology; there is no business without nature.”
– Matthew Stinchcomb

“We’re here only a short time, so while we’re here, it’s incumbent on us to see that the next generations are cared for.”
– Oren Lyons 

“When a community attaches actual value to something, they will find a way to preserve it.”
– Gordon Thorne