A Gift of Challenging Ideas for Challenging Times


Since 1981 the Schumacher Center has envisioned, organized, and conducted its Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures program, inviting speakers from around the globe to share their stories and their view of the world as it could and should be. Together they are responsible for the creation of multiple organizations, initiatives, and publications that are addressing the building of a new economy.

You can read, watch, or listen to most all of the lectures on the Schumacher Center’s website for free. Lectures are edited, published, curated, and distributed in multiple formats— each year adding new voices, enhancing the dialogue, and challenging entrenched attitudes.

The Schumacher Center lecture pamphlets are wonderful gifts for thoughtful persons.  In addition to friends and family, remember your local libraries, schools, community centers, and the incarcerated when ordering pamphlets. Order online, by mail, or by phone during office hours at 413-528-1737. Gift cards included on request.

Single pamphlets are $5 or 5 BerkShares each, including shipping in the United States. Two gift sets are available: a full set – 70 lectures (selected by availability) at $250, or the essentials – 14 lectures (staff picks) at $50.  We are glad to help with customized orders.

Warm wishes for the season,
Schumacher Center Staff