New Hampshire CLTs - Schumacher Center for a New Economics

New Hampshire

Cold Pond Community Land Trust
P.O. Box 212
Acworth, NH 03601

Date Incorporated: 2000
Purpose: Create an intentional community in order to protect forest and farmland, watershed, wildlife habitat and open space and explore sustainability and minimal impact living.
Land Holdings: 215 acres used for agriculture, conservation,  and residences.
Additional Information: CLT houses an intentional community  with six members.

Monadnock Community Land Trust
61A Hearthstone
Wilton, NH 03086

Date Incorporated: 1979
Purpose: Hold land in trust for the community. Preservation of farmland, natural space; affordable housing. 
Land Holdings: 95 acres with 12 homes; 42-acre farm with adjoining 20 acres of woodland. 

New Hampshire Agrarian Commons
PO Box 195
Weare, NH 03281

Purpose: Regenerative land stewardship, soil building, food production for regional markets, and food access and land connections that are supported and engaged by the community. 
Land Holdings:
The Monadnock CLT gifted  63 acres of farmland to the New Hampshire Agrarian Commons in June 2021 in order to be protected for farming. Normanton Farms now holds a 99-year lease on the land and is a regional leader in intensive rotational grazing, raising grass-fed cattle, free-range hogs, and pastured chickens for direct community sales and regional distribution. In addition to Normanton Farms, they have two other farms: Brookford Farm and Vernon Family Farm.

NH Agrarian Commons
A breakdown of how the New Hampshire Agrarian Commons functions as part of the Agrarian Land Trust
Photo by Steve Normanton, farmer on Monadnock CLT land