Bear Creek Community Land Trust
Frontier Lane
La Plata, Missouri 63549 

Purpose: Explore alternatives to private land ownership and consumer culture.
Land Holdings: The Bear Creek Community Land Trust is an intentional community with 184 acres with individually managed leaseholds and commonly shared pasture, orchards, ponds, wild spaces. 
Governance Notes: 99 year leases. Each member is asked to submit a Land Use Plan with proposed impacts the member plans on making to the land, air, water, sound and animals on their leasehold. Also submitted by incoming members is a map of proposed and possible infrastructure, additional residents, and developments, etc.

Columbia Community Land Trust
500 E. Walnut Street, Suite 108
Columbia, MO 65201


Date Incorporated: 2018
Purpose: Create and steward permanently affordable housing.
Land Holdings: 18 homes now with 2 currently under construction. One neighborhood named Cullimore Cottages. 
Governance Notes: Bylaws.
Partners: Hansman Custom Homes, Job Point, and Central Missouri Action.

Marlborough Community Land Trust
PO Box 8132
Kansas City, MO 64131

Date Incorporated: 2019
Purpose: Create affordable homes which are available for generations to come. 
Land Holdings: They are in the process of renovating the Marlborough School. They have sold 2 community land trust homes and are currently marketing one more. By October 1 of 2022, they plan to break ground on four new builds.

Red Earth Farms
27543 County Rd 207 Lot 1
Rutledge, MO 63563

Date Incorporated: 2007
Purpose: Intentional community with goals of environmental sustainability.
Land Holdings: 76 acres leased to seven households.
Governance Notes: Registered as a mutual benefit corporation; Bylaws.
Partners: Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage (founded in 1997), Sandhill Farm (an egalitarian community founded in 1974).

Springfield Community Land Trust
330 N. Jefferson Ave.
Springfield, MO 65806


Date Incorporated: 2011
Purpose: Quality, energy-efficient housing for low to moderate income residents. 
Land Holdings: 16 homes; additional 23 rental units. Spread out across 7 neighborhoods. 

24:1 Community Land Trust
4156 Manchester Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110


Date Incorporated: 2011
Purpose: Affordable housing.
Land Holdings: 24 homes, hope to develop more in the 24 communities of the Normandy School
Governance Details: Six of nine 24:1 CLT board members are elected by members of the 24:1 community, at least three are leaseholders.