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Baltimore Housing Roundtable

Purpose: Coordinate and integrate the work of BHR members into a unified movement that will promote and facilitate social change.


Charm City Land Trusts
2424 McElderry St.
Baltimore, MD 21205

Date Incorporated: 2000
Purpose: City greening, affordable housing, community control of housing.
Land Holdings: 19 parcels of open common space, used as a labyrinth and community garden. They recently completed their 1st CLT home.
Governance Notes: Tripartite board consisting of general members, leaseholders, and institutional members.


North East Housing Initiative
5307 Belair Road,
Baltimore, MD 21206

Date Incorporated: 2014
Purpose: Neighborhood revitalization, affordable housing.
Land Holdings:  One site, currently organizing to acquire more property.
Partners: Baltimore Housing Roundtable, University of Baltimore.

South Baltimore Community Land Trust
PO Box 19762
Baltimore, MD, 21225

Purpose: Combat displacement and move towards zero waste in Baltimore through a community owned development. 
Land Holdings: Currently, they are working on 15 units of housing. 
Additional Information:
The South Baltimore CLT was created in response to displacement from health threats due to air toxins and a proposal to build the largest trash burning incinerator in the US nearby. 

Urban greening, Charm City Land Trust