Maine CLTs - Schumacher Center for New Economics


Commonterra Community Land Trust/Partial Farm
129 Stovepipe Alley
Monroe, ME 04951

Date Incorporated: 1980
Land Holdings:  150 acres divided into eight leaseholds, each on two acres of land, and a large commons; commons is used for agricultural land.
Governance Notes: CCLT shares community costs such as taxes, road and land maintenance, and special projects that benefit the whole community.

Covenant Community Land Trust
P.O. Box 8
Orland, ME 04472

Date Incorporated: 1978
Purpose: Affordable housing, cooperative communities, conservation; founded as a response to rapid gentrification  of the rural communities in Maine
Land Holdings: CCLT in collaboration with HOME Inc. has built 53 houses spread across five developments in Hancock County; The  Sedgwick community  includes 20 acres of working farm land, while the Patten Pond community includes 60 acres of CLT land; Currently planning to build four more homes.
Governance Notes: Maintains commitment to open spaces and conservation by leasing large land parcels back to the community.
Partners: Works with Blue Hill Heritage Trust to manage conservation land; HOME Inc.

Land held by Covenant Community Land Trust

Greater Portland Community Land Trust
85 Fessenden Street
Portland, ME 04103

Purpose: To develop and sustain affordable, community-owned housing in Portland, Maine and the surrounding area.
Governance Notes: Plans to become tripartite, elected organization; has a starting board and 6 members.
Land Holdings: Organizing to purchase first parcel of land.

Focus neighborhood of Greater Portland CLT

Land in Common
217 South Mountain Rd.

Greene, ME 04236

Date Incorporated: 2008
Purpose: De-commodify land.
Land Holdings: 30 acres of farmland; also holds a conservation easement for 60+ acres of surrounding land.
Governance Notes: Land in Common is a non-profit created to manage the holdings of Wild Mountain Cooperative (formerly JED Collective).

Parcel held by Land in Common

Waterville Community Land Trust
P.O. Box 1834
Waterville, ME 04901

Date Incorporated: 2013
Purpose: Affordable housing, rural revitalization, protection of open spaces.
Land Holdings: Multiple public access green spaces; one home built.
Additional Information: Hopes to hold both CLT homes and public-access natural areas.

Map of holdings of Land in Common