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A home that sits on land held by Athens Land Trust

Athens Land Trust
685 North Pope Street
Athens, GA 30601

Date Incorporated: 1994
Purpose: Stewardship of land for affordable housing, conservation, agriculture, and economic development.
Land Holdings: 19,000 acres protected through conservation easements, 67 homes, 2 urban farms, 12 community gardens.
Governance Notes: Hybrid organization which acts as both a community land trust and a conservation land trust. 
Additional Information: Their urban farms work to develop a sustainable local food system as well as strengthen the local economy and community.  They also run the West Broad Farmers Market. 

Garden property held by Athens Land Trust

Atlanta Land Trust
245 North Highland Avenue NE, Suite 230-724
Atlanta, GA 30307

Date Incorporated: 2009
Purpose: Provide permanently affordable housing to combat gentrification and displacement in areas near the Atlanta Beltline.
Land Holdings: They have a number of single family homes in addition to 7.5-acres on which they are in the process of developing 118 units. The map to the right shows the spread of their housing units throughout Atlanta. 
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Decatur Land Trust
Decatur, GA

Date Incorporated: 2021
Purpose: Create permanently affordable housing for low to moderate income residents of Decatur. 
Land Holdings: They hope to have 3 condo units by the end of 2022, 6 additional units by the end of 2023, and more going into the future. 
Governance Notes: 99 year renewable ground lease. 

HELP Organization Inc.
541  10th Street, No. 312
Atlanta, GA 30318

Date Incorporated: 2004
Purpose: Promote systems which improve the social, economic, educational and spiritual conditions of local and global communities
Land Holdings: They have three programs, one in Westside Atlanta, GA (WALT), one in Ghana (Youth Development Division), and one called in Sapelo Island, GA called the Sapelo Ancestral Land Trust (SALT). 
Governance Notes: Bylaws
Additional Information: Their SALT and WALT programs are specifically community land trusts, while YIST is more of an educational community based organization.

Savannah Community Land Trust Inc.
3304 Iantha Street
Savannah, GA 31404

Date Incorporated: 2020
Purpose: Create long term affordable housing for under-served communities and prevent gentrification. In addition, they hope to educate these communities financially and foster entrepreneurship for upward mobility.  
Land Holdings: In the process of fundraising and obtaining land. They plan to start in West Savannah Communities and expand through the whole county of Chatham.