2 Allées des Platanes
BP 50511
64105 Bayonne Cedex
05 59 01 63 60

Year Created: 2019
Purpose: Provide young households with opportunities towards affordable homeownership.
Land Holdings: They have an annual target of 40 housing units created per year.

1 Place du Forum
73000 Chambéry

Purpose: Promote community access to land and generate affordable housing.
Land Holdings: 2 housing projects with housing units for sale. 
Additional Information:  Uses the Real Solidarity Bail (BRS) to separate the cost of the land and the housing. 

EPFLI Foncier Coeur de France
15 rue Eugène Vignat
BP 2019 45010
Orléans cedex 1
02 38 25 41 32

Year Created: 2020
Purpose: Create controlled-cost, permanently affordable housing by separating the price of the land from the house. 
Land Holdings:  They are in the process of planning. 
Additional Information: EPFLI Foncier Coeur de France is the first Solidarity Land Organization in the Centre-Val de Loire Region.

BP 27, 55 Av. of Europe
69140 Rillieux-la-Pape
Has 5 different locations which can be found here.

Purpose: Create positive social, environmental, and territorial impact. 
Land Holdings: Currently building new housing to be part of their solidarity land organization (community land trust).
Additional Information: They use a BRS to keep housing costs low and separate land from housing. 

Espacil Accession
1 rue du Scorff
CS 54221
35042 Rennes
02 99 27 20 00

Year Created:  2021
Purpose: Create opportunities for affordable homeownership. 
Land Holdings: 64 units of housing which use the Real Solidarity Bail. 

Foncier Coopératif Malouin
24 avenue Jean Jaurès
35400 St-Malo
02 23 30 50 62

Year Created: 2017
Purpose: Separate land and building ownership to create affordable, sustainable housing and promote community land access. 
Land Holdings: They are working on or have sold 4 properties. 
Additional Information: They use a Real Solidarity Bail (BRS) as a type of renewable lease, which can be anywhere from 18 to 99 years long. 

Foncier Solidaire Rennes Métropole
AGORA building
1 rue Geneviève de Gaulle-Anthonioz
CS 50726
35207 Rennes Cedex 2
02 99 35 15 15

Year Created: 2018
Purpose: Create social diversity, separate the cost of land from housing, and create opportunities for affordable homeownership. 
Land Holdings: 100 housing units marketed in 2018, 250 in 2019, and a rate of 350 housing units/year from 2020. 

Habitat de L'ill
7 rue Quintenz
67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden
03 88 66 40 16

Purpose: Provide housing solutions that incorporate sustainable development.  
Land Holdings: 16 housing units in the residence of Les Erables. 
Additional Information: Uses an 18-99 year BRS. 

La Coop Fonciere
+33 1 40 75 52 25

Purpose:  Develop housing and create opportunities towards homeownership for those who would struggle to afford and access housing. 
Land Holdings: 6 projects with 165 housing units. They have a goal of 1,000 housing units by 2030. 
Additional Information: There are a number of organizations which are members of the coop, and any resident who buys a housing unit is automatically part of the coop as well. 
Associated Organizations: All associated organizations can be found here

Occitalys Fonciere
7 Esplanade Compans Caffarelli
Boulevard Lascrosse
31000 Toulouse

Purpose: Reduce the cost of homeownership and remove the land from the price of the housing unit. 
Land Holdings:
 2 projects which have housing units that use a BRS.

2 Rue Marc Leroux
CS 97006
74055 Annecy Cedex

04 50 88 22 65

Purpose: Facilitate homeownership by removing the cost of the land from the cost of a house.
Land Holdings: Appear to be in organizing stages of obtaining land. 
Additional Information: Uses a 99 year lease of the land. 
Associated Organizations: Haute-Savoie HABITAT

c/o Rhone Saone Habitat
10 Avenue des Canuts
CS 10036
69517 Vaulx en Velin Cedex
04 26 59 05 23

Purpose: Create affordable housing and separate land from homeownership. 
Land Holdings: 2 projects with 34 housing units which use a BRS. 
Associated Organizations: Savoisienne Habitat, Isère Habitat and Rhône Saône Habitat joined forces to create ORSOL.

Solidarity Land Organization of the Lille Metropolis (OFSML)
99 Rue Saint-Sauveur
BP 667
59033 Lille Cedex

Year Created: 2017
Purpose: Create sustainable, permanently affordable housing. 
Land Holdings: 15 housing units sold in 2018.
Additional Information: The OFSML is part of the Ville de Lille, which is the founding partner of SHICC. 
Associated Organizations: SHICC, Ville de Lille

Terre de Liens
10 Rue Archinard
26400 Crest
+33 9 70 20 31 00

Year Created: 2003
Purpose: Support farmers and provide them with long-term access to land.
Land Holdings: 219 farms with 318 farmers working on the land. They have 5750 hectares of land preserved for farming.
Additional Information: Terre de Liens and farmers agree on an environmental rural lease, which includes legally binding environmental protection clauses.
Associated Organizations: Access to Land

Vendée Foncier Solidaire
123 Boulevard Louis Blanc
85000 La Roche-Sur-Yon
02 44 40 13 06

Year Created: 2019
Purpose: Reduce inequalities of property access and increase access to affordable, secure housing. 
Land Holdings: They have 4 projects completed and 6 more in the works.
Additional Information: They use a specific plan called the AQEO real solidarity lease to separate the land and housing for residents.