Energy: Global is Local

Building Sustainable Local Economies Training Seminar

Transitioning to a new energy economy requires the collaboration of individuals, corporations, and government. Joseph Stanislaw argues that market forces will shift energy production toward alternative sources. This shift, he says, will require a more localized system where energy is produced internally for the region.

This lecture was offered in conjunction with the Schumacher Center’s Tools for Change Training Seminar, taking place from May 21st to 25th, 2008.

Seminar workshops were with Eric Harris-Braun, Elizabeth Keen, Chris Lindstrom, Kirkpatrick Sale, Alex Thorp, Charles Turner, Susan Witt, and other guest speakers.

The seminar posed the question, How can regional communities regain the power to revitalize the means of production for basic necessities (food, energy, shelter, clothing) in the face of a deepening economic, social, and ecological crisis? Participants were invited to learn about successful, citizen-driven models for community revitalization and how to take action in applying them to their own community.

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Energy: Global is Local

Event Speakers

Joseph A. Stanislaw

Joseph A. Stanislaw is founder of The JAStanislaw Group, LLC, an advisory firm specializing in strategic thinking, sustainability, and environmentally sound investment in energy and technology. Drawing on his experience as an advisor for environmentally sound investments in energy and technology, he has provided examples of actions necessary for moving toward a new energy economy. … Continued