Actionable Responses to Climate Change

39th Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures

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As the consequences of climate change begin to compound, it’s tempting to believe that solutions are now out of our hands. The careers of Greg Watson and Sallie Calhoun demonstrate resolutely that this is not the case.

Steward of the work of R. Buckminster Fuller, Greg Watson is a leading thinker and activist who has worked in both public and private spheres to create community food systems, renewable energy initiatives, and citizen- designed development programs. His talk will focus on the potential of Fuller’s World GameTM as a tool to address and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Sallie Calhoun works towards renewed soil health through holistic management of Paicines Ranch, education for a new generation of farmers, investment in carbon sequestration, and a #noregrets approach to philanthropy. She will address the potential of regenerative agriculture to change the course of our future.

Greg and Sallie offer insight, ingenuity, creativity, and spirit – qualities we all must find in ourselves as we face the mounting climate crisis on Spaceship Earth. Join us at St. James Place in Great Barrington this October 27 th at 1pm for “Actionable Responses to Climate Change.”


Event Speakers

Greg Watson

Greg Watson is Director of Policy and Systems Design at the Schumacher Center for a New Economics. His work currently focuses on community food systems and the dynamics between local and geo-economic systems. Watson has spent nearly 40 years learning to understand systems thinking as inspired by Buckminster Fuller and to apply that understanding to … Continued

Sallie Calhoun

Sallie Calhoun owns and manages Paicines Ranch, a 7600-acre ranch in central California. She is also an impact investor, activist, and philanthropic funder in regenerative agriculture. Her work focuses on improving the health of agricultural soils and sequestering carbon in soil to mitigate climate change, while creating thriving communities. She is the founder of the … Continued