18th Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures

Frank Bryan, Deborah Meier, William Ellis

Frank Bryan, Deborah Meier, and William Ellis  spoke at the Eighteenth Annual Schumacher Lectures on October 24th 1998 at the Salisbury Congregational Church.

Frank Bryan discussed the secessionist movement in Vermont and argued that Vermont can show the rest of the nation how to govern itself democratically in the next century.

Deborah Meier outlined the steps she and her colleagues have taken to shape small schools within the public school system, increasing continuity of staff, more interaction among age groups, and a sense of community.

William Ellis reflected on his over twenty years of helping to facilitate the person-to-person exchanges that empower small communities around the world to successfully solve technological problems at the local level.


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Event Speakers

Frank M. Bryan

Frank M. Bryan is the John G. McCullough Professor of Political Science at the University of Vermont. He is a noted local scholar, author, and humorist, having written and co-written over ten books and numerous articles. Some of his books include Real Democracy: The New England Town Meeting and How It Works (2010), All Those … Continued

Deborah Meier

Deborah Meier has spent more than four decades working in public education as a teacher, principal, writer, and advocate and ranks among the most acclaimed leaders of the school reform movement in the United States. In the late 1960s she worked as a Kindergarten teacher in Central Harlem. In 1974, she founded Central Park Elementary School (CPE … Continued

William Ellis

William Ellis of Rangely, Maine, retired early from his career as a science policy consultant in agencies such as the National Science Foundation, Unesco, and The World Bank to work instead to promote the broad range of social innovations that empower people at the grass roots and promote community self-reliance. One of his positions was general … Continued


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