Before You Begin Searching the Library…


  1.  Refer to the Selected Keyword Index for sample search terms.
  2. Understand variations in our labeling system.
    The materials in the Library at the Schumacher Center are cataloged using standard Library of Congress Call Numbers. Please note these variations in call numbers, also known as the special collection keyword:

    : former owner of the book contributed to or authored a title
    EFSS (followed by subject heading and number): standard Library of Congress classification not available for this book.
    FAM: book was in the possession of a family member, and is currently being recataloged into the system
    OVERSIZ: larger books
    P: Pamphlets and miscellaneous publications
    BENE: Personal library of George Benello
    BLISS: Personal library of Richard Bliss
    HEN: Personal library of Hazel Henderson
    HYDE: Personal collection of Lewis Hyde
    RVE: Personal library of Robyn Van En
    SCHUM: Ernst Friedrich Schumacher’s personal library
    SHAW: Personal library of Martha Shaw
    TRANET: Personal library of William Ellis (TRANET publication)
    Read more detailed explanations of these variations…
  3. Note how to isolate and search special collections:
    1.  Go to “Search the Catalog”
    2. Select “All Words”
    3. Type the special collection keyword to search for books in a special collection, for example:
      “schum” to search Fritz Schumacher’s library only
      “rve” to search Robyn Van En’s library only
    4. Type “and”
    5. Then proceed with topics as instructed.
      Example: “schum and organic agriculture” will bring up all books in Schumacher’s library that only deal with organic agriculture.
  4. Make note of language translations.
    German language titles have been entered into the catalog according to the following translation spellings:
    enter ö as “oe”
    enter ä as “ae”
    enter ü as “ue”
    enter ß as “ss”