During the present time of isolation forcing us to close our doors to the public, we wish to keep the resources of our library available to all who wish to learn from the wisdom contained on its shelves. As one way to do that, the library will be sharing profiles of certain authors and books that crop up most frequently in the library’s collections. While the collections in our library reflect the divergent focuses of the individuals whose libraries they came from, these books illustrate the common lines of thinking that unite their efforts to imagine and build a new, more just and sustainable economy, which is to say, a more just and sustainable way of living.

For a chronology of key contributions to new economic thought, see our interactive timeline

Follow the links below to read short introductions to books that have proven to be touchstones of new economic thought.

The Small Community  ~  Arthur Morgan

Industries for Small Communities ~ Arthur Morgan

Paths in Utopia ~ Martin Buber

The Politics of the Solar Age ~ Hazel Henderson & Soft Energy Paths ~ Amory Lovins

The Culture of Cities ~ Lewis Mumford

Garden Cities of To-Morrow ~ Ebenezer Howard

Progress and Poverty ~ Henry George

Living the Good Life ~ Helen and Scott Nearing & Flight from the City ~ Ralph Borsodi