Before You Begin Searching the Schumacher Center Archives...

  1.  Refer to the Selected Keyword Index for sample search terms. Please note that while the Selected Keyword Index contains most of the documents’ descriptors, some keywords are not listed; nonetheless, you should be able to access any document through one of its multiple keywords.
  2. Understand variations in our labeling system. The documents in the Schumacher Center Archives are cataloged using a unique labeling system which corresponds to the physical location of documents in the library. As such, you may ignore the location unless you intend to visit the Library and view the documents in person.
  3. Access documents. In recognition of the uniqueness of the contents of E. F. Schumacher’s personal archives, we are in the process of uploading each individual document online to provide researchers pdf-format access.  Until the completion of the project, documents are only available in their summary form.
  4. How to isolate and search the archives:
    1. Click “Search the Archives
    2. Select “All Words”
    3. Type "E. F. Schumacher Archives" to search for items from the Schumacher Archives "Local Currency Archives" to search for items from the Local Currency Archives, or "Bob Swann Archives" to search for items from the Robert Swann Archives.
    4. Then proceed with topics as instructed.
      Example: “E. F. Schumacher Archives decentralism” will bring up all items in the E. F. Schumacher Archives that deal with decentralism.
      “Local Currency Archives Ithaca HOURS” will bring up all items in the Local Currency Archives that pertain to the local currency Ithaca HOURS used in Ithaca, NY.
  5. Please note that...
    The Local Currency Archives and the Robert Swann Archives are currently cataloged on the Schumacher Center Archives electronic database. To learn more about the Local Currency Archives and how to isolate and search for the Local Currency Archives please visit the local currency archives page.  To learn more about the Robert Swann Archives and how to isolate and search for the Robert Swann Archives please visit the Robert Swann Archives page.