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District of Columbia

Douglass CLT
Rendering of Lebanon Villages at Langston Slater, 2 historic schools and a vacant parcel awarded by DC government to be redeveloped into a planned 12 for-sale and 43 rental homes by Douglass CLT. Partnering with: CSG Urban Partners; Habitat for Humanity of DC, Volunteers of America, Mt. Lebanon CDC.

Douglass Community Land Trust
1231 Good Hope Rd SE
Washington, DC 20020


Date Incorporated: 2019
Create and secure nonstop affordability of residential and commercial spaces for current and future generations of DC residents while ensuring decision-making resides in the community. 

Land Holdings: Secured, via land lease or covenant, 223 permanently affordable homes, including 69 rental units and 154 in various ownership structures including limited equity cooperatives, condominium units, and single-family homes. Approximately 80 units in the pipeline for 2022. 
Governance Notes: Bylaws. Centers racial and economic equity in outcomes and processes. Tripartite board is elected by the membership and requires 1/3 be lessees. Serves the entire Douglass Commonwealth/DC.  
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Douglass CLT
Savannah Apartments pre-renovation cookout, kids' activities table. A 65-unit garden style apt. complex saved from market-rate conversion by residents exercising their Tenant Purchase rights, with developer NHT-Communities in partnership with Douglass CLT.