Colorado CLTs - Schumacher Center for New Economics


Chaffee Housing Trust
PO Box 692
Buena Vista, CO 81211

Date Incorporated: 2008
Purpose: Affordable housing
Land Holdings:   Eight single-family homes, one future housing development planned.
Partners & Funders

Elevation Community Land Trust
1705 17 St #200
Denver, CO 80202

Date Incorporated: 2018
Purpose: Affordable housing.
Land Holdings: Eight energy efficient homes in Aurora; land for 12 town-homes and plans to purchase 20 more single-family homes in Aurora;  funding and contract to build a 92-unit condominium in Denver; contract to purchase 26 single-family homes in Longmont; contract to purchase 10 duplex homes in Boulder County; partnered with developer to build 32 town-homes in Westminster.
Additional Information: Public-private partnership; Uses an appraisal formula to determine the affordability gap of properties, this cost is split municipal governments who subsidize half of the affordability gap; This one-time subsidy lowers the purchase price for home buyers, who agree to apply the appraisal formula if they wish to sell the house.
Governance Notes: Tripartite board  but no voting membership; Interested in becoming a membership  organization but challenged by the geographical spread of land holdings.
Partners & Funders
Mile High CRE: City Council Approves Two Affordable Housing Projects (Dec. 16, 2019).

GES Coalition Community Land Trust
        c/o GES Affordable Housing Collaborative
P.O. Box 16132
Denver, CO 80216


Date Incorporated: 2019
Displacement prevention.
Land Holdings:  Five single family home lots as of Feb. 2020.
Additional Information: GES Affordable Housing Collaborative—a partnering of community members from GES Coalition, nonprofit Brothers Redevelopment, Inc. and the Colorado Community Land Trust received $2m grant from the Colorado  Department of Transportation in 2018 for mitigation of replacement housing following the expansion of Interstate 70 through the Elyria-Swansea neighborhood.
Partners & Funders

GES CLT organizers receiving $2m. grant from Colorado Dept of Transportation

Goose Creek Community Land Trust
815 North Street
Boulder, Colorado 80304
(303) 545-6255

Date Incorporated: 2018
To create, preserve and advocate for environmentally sustainable housing that is permanently attainable for a diversity of income levels.
Land Holdings: None yet (as of January 2020); pilot project is a duplex currently owned by one of the founders, the organization is also interested in acquiring land under a former hospital now owned by the city, for the purpose of affordable housing and commercial space.
Governance Structure: Not tripartite; currently a five member board, including community members and relevant professionals. The CLT aspires to incorporate democratic representation once it holds and leases land.
Additional Information: Goose Creek CLT was founded by a group of investors and community members interested in the model as a part of a vision for a more just, inclusive and sustainable Boulder. Currently, zoning restrictions in the city are preventing the development of high density, green micro-units on land currently owned by one of the founders (pilot project). 

Rocky Mountain Community Land Trust
1212 West Colorado Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
719-447-9300 x2

Date Incorporated: 1996
Purpose: Affordable homeownership.
Land Holdings: 206 homes.
Governance Notes: Board of trustees is tripartite, yet is selected by current members of the board; Membership is limited to homeowners.
Additional Information:  Assisted 338 families through affordable homeownership programs; Manages an additional 37 transitional housing units, 92 affordable rentals, one special needs housing unit, and two community centers.
Partners: Habitat for Humanity, Greccio Housing, Partners in Housing.

Urban Land Conservancy
1600 Downing Street Suite 300
Denver, CO 80218

Year Incorperated: 2003
Mitigate and further prevent involuntary displacement of Denver’s vulnerable communities.
Land Holdings: Six neighborhoods with affordable housing developments, apartment buildings, mixed-use commercial units,  non-profit offices, and two schools.
Governance Notes: Not a membership-based organization; self-perpetuating board.
Collaborating with philanthropic funders who have catalyzed nearly $25 million in private investment to launch Elevation Community Land Trust (ECLT).
Additional Information: Currently incubating ECLT as a separate entity, providing the technical assistance necessary to steward its successful establishment as a 501c3.