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Bay Area Community Land Trust
P. O. Box 2652
Berkeley, CA 94702

Purpose: Affordable housing, sustainability.
Land Holdings: Six properties which are occupied by cooperatives or intentional communities. Three properties have been donated, most recently the Fairmont House in Oakland, donated by the trustee of the house when the owner passed away. 
Partners and Funders
Governance Notes:  Achieves its sustainability objective by leasing land to cooperatives, which are organized by a sister program.
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Bay Area Consortium of Community Land Trusts

Purpose: Provide a forum for policy advocacy and technical resources; Support the growth of new Community Land Trusts in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Beverly Vermont Community Land Trust 
117 Bimini Place
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Date Incorporated: 2008
Purpose:  To exercise land stewardship as the basis for creating pedestrian-centered neighborhoods emphasizing affordable housing, work and recreational spaces that are economically and socially sustainable, and that integrate urban living with nature.
Land Holdings: Three apartment complexes, two are leased to the Urban Soil cooperative; total of 40 tenants living on the two-block parcel.
Governance Notes: Bylaws; Began in the 1990's as the LA Ecovillage Project, a nonprofit which governed an intentional community and two apartment complexes; Split into two separate entities, BVCLT and Urban Soil, in pursuit of a legal structure of democratic control; Currently, BVCLT owns the land and leases it to the Urban Soil cooperative, which owns two of the apartment complexes on BVCLT land.

Future site of BVCLT learning garden

Bolinas Community Land Trust
6 Wharf Rd
Bolinas, CA 94924

Date Incorporated: 1982
Purpose: Affordable housing.
Governance Notes: Bylaws
Land Holdings:  Six residential and commercial spaces, including a historical home, mixed residential/commercial spaces, and a gas station; four gifted properties currently under development.
Media:  Marin Independent Journal Bolinas offered $10M gift for affordable housing (Nov. 10, 2019).

Multi-family home held by Bolinas CLT

California Community Land Trust Network

Purpose: State-wide forum for CLTs to share resources, policy information, and best-practices.

Commonspace Community  Land Trust
1809 Cooper Rd
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Date Incorporated: 2017
Purpose: To providing affordable housing and ecological land stewardship in perpetuity. 
Land Holdings: Three  acre parcel with a three-bedroom farmhouse, a two-bedroom studio building, a big barn, as well as two yurts and a solar array on the barn; More housing is planned for the future.
Additional  Information: Seeks to act as a model for land gifting into CLTs,  read benefactor's description of her land gifting experience here.

Agricultural land held by Commonspace CLT

Community Land Trust Association of West Marin
P.O. Box 273
Point Reyes Station, CA  94956

Date Incorporated: 2001
Purpose: Affordable, environmentally sustainable housing.
Land Holdings: Five parcels with two homes and 18 rental units.

Housing Land Trust of Sonoma County
PO Box 5431
Petaluma, CA 94955-5431

Date Incorporated: 2002
Purpose: Affordable housing.
Land Holdings:  68 homes distributed county-wide.
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Humboldt Bay Housing Development Corporation
PO Box 4655
Arcata, CA 95518

Purpose: Affordable housing.
Land Holdings: 22 homes; Additional rental properties.
Governance Notes: CLT program is governed by a  tripartite advisory committee which oversees the Housing Humboldt Board of Directors on issues concerning the CLT; No voting membership structure.

Northern California Land Trust
3122 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94705

Date Incorporated: 1973
Purpose: Affordable housing, community resilience.
Land Holdings: 15 sites which are used for a variety of purposes, including single-family homes, condominiums, cooperatives, and commercial spaces.
Partners: People of Color Sustainable Housing Network, Bay Area Consortium of Community Land Trusts.

Artwork by Northern California Land Trust

Oakland Community Land Trust
720 Broadway 2nd Floor
Oakland, CA 94612

Date Incorporated: 2009
Purpose: Affordable housing, resident-led development.
Land Holdings:  33 affordable properties which are used for a variety of purposes, including single and multi-family homes, mixed commercial usage, and open space.
Partners & Funders
Media Coverage:
East Bay Express: 
 How Hasta Muerte Coffee Successfully Secured Its Building (July 24, 2018)
SF ChronicleHasta Muerte Created a Safe Space for Oakland, and Then Oakland Saved It (August 10, 2018)
Next City: Land Trust Helps Oakland’s Hasta Muerte Coffee Stay Put (July 16, 2018)
Oakland N
orth:23rd Ave Art Space Members Rally to Buy Their Own Building  (April 23, 2018)
 Why Tenants Should Be Given the Opportunity to Purchase Their Buildings (May 8, 2018)
Next City: Oakland Community Hub Rallies to Save Itself from Gentrification (March 20, 2018)
Locavesting:  In Oakland, Community-Owned Real Estate is Bucking Gentrification Trend (March 12, 2018).

Hasta Muerte Coffee was purchased by the neighborhood after organizing efforts with Oakland CLT. Photo: Yalonda M. James / The Chronicle 2018
Home held by OAK CLT

San Diego Community Land Trust
10620 Treena Street, Suite 230
San Diego, CA 92131

Purpose: Affordable housing.
Land Holdings: 31 single-family homes.
Partners: City of San Diego, Habitat for Humanity.
Media Coverage:
Curbed: Community land trusts take aim at rising rents (April 18, 2018)
The San Diego Union Tribune:  City Selling $1 Plots (February 8, 2018).

Sacramento Community Land Trust

Date Incorporated: 2019
Purpose: Affordable housing and community resilience.
Land Holdings: Still in organizing stages.
Documents: Draft of Bylaws.

Photo by Sacramento CLT

San Francisco Community Land Trust
PO Box 420982
San Francisco, CA 94142

Date Incorporated: 2001
Purpose: Combat displacement and discrimination, relieve stress on the poor caused by high housing prices, promote community empowerment, and provide San Francisco with permanently affordable resident-controlled housing.
Land Holdings: 13 sites used as multi-unit or cooperative residences.
Governance Notes
Partners & Funders

Sogorea Te' Land Trust
2501 Harrison Street
Oakland, CA 94612

Date Incorporated: 2019
Purpose: An urban Indigenous women-led community organization that facilitates the return of Chochenyo and Karkin Ohlone lands in the San Francisco Bay Area to Indigenous stewardship.
Partners: California Indigenous Environmental Alliance.

South Bay Community Land Trust
525 W. Alma Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125

Date incorporated: April 2019
Purpose: To create and expand community control of land in order to be able to provide permanent affordable housing to community residents and serve other community uses.
Land Holdings: No current land holdings.

Multi-family home held by SF CLT

St. Joseph CLT
1041 Lyons Ave.
South Lake, CA 96150530-541-8930

Date Incorporated: 2002
Purpose: Religious non-profit seeking to improve the quality of life for year-round residents.
Land Holdings: One apartment building with 76 units, one single-family home.
Partners: Local Catholic churches and businesses.
Additional Information: Organizes a series of homeowner education sessions.

THRIVE Santa Ana

Date Incorporated: 2016
Purpose: To build community wealth and control and to create healthy neighborhoods through affordable housing and stewardship.
Land Holdings: No current land holdings; future sites include residential, parks, gardens, commercial space. Working on acquiring a microfarm that will be leased to a cooperative (as of December 2019).
Partners: The City of Santa Ana; California Endowment Initiative - Building Healthy Communities.
Media Coverage: Streets Blog California:  Community Land Trust Seeks to Revitalize Vacant Lots in Santa Ana (December 9, 2016).

Artwork by THRIVE Santa Ana

T.R.U.S.T. South L.A.
4331 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA 90037

Date Incorporated: 2005
Purpose: Affordable housing, community controlled land, stability for long-term residents.
Land Holdings: Two apartment complexes;  Currently engaged in community education  to convert apartments into cooperatives.
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