Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in SHARE. The attached brochure provides details about the SHARE program.

You may open a SHARE credit Fund account by going in person to the Great Barrington office of the _______________________________ (participating bank) or by mail. The forms in the enclosed Bank envelope should be signed where indicated. Return the signed forms to the Bank along with a check or money order for deposit made out to the ____________________________ (participating bank). The minimum initial deposit is $l00. The Bank will return to you a record of your deposit and notice of your SHARE Credit Fund account number for your files.

The documents in the SHARE envelope are for you to keep for purposes of withdrawing funds and making new deposits.

To complete your membership in SHARE, fill out the membership form on the back of the attached brochure, indicating in which of the Associations you would be most interested and return to SHARE along with a $l0 membership fee. SHARE depends upon its members to initiate sound new loan applications and interest new members. We encourage you to take as active a role in SHARE through the Associations as is practical for you.

If you have any questions about the SHARE program not answered by these materials, please give us a call and one of the SHARE board members would be glad to talk with you.

With thanks,

SHARE board of directors

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