September 18, 1984

Dear Member of SHARE,

Enclosed is the quarterly statement for your SHARE Deposit Account which we have verified against your passbook.

In recent months, SHARE has collateralized several new loans. A loan has been made to Marty G. of Marty’s Washing Machine Repair Service. Marty’s business is located on Route 7 in Great Barrington. In addition to repairing washing machines in people’s homes and placing and servicing some commercial washers locally, Marty rebuilds used washers and sells them very reasonably and with a full one year guarantee. His borrowed funds will be used for inventory of parts and tools to accommodate his growing business. He is providing a service that was not otherwise locally available.

SHARE has also recently collateralized a loan to Bonnie N. of North Egremont for the bulk purchase of yarn for her home knitting business. Bonnie’s yarns sit beside her like an artist’s palette as she creates colorful intricate patterns at her knitting machine. Her original designs appear in sweaters, jumpers and toddlers’ knit overall suits which she sells from her home, at fairs, and by special order.

Reporting on the progress of other SHARE supported businesses: Jim G. of North Egremont has finished the barn for his two chestnut colored draft horses, Spike and Rosie. It is sturdy and well constructed to house them comfortably through the long Berkshire winters. It is also an attractive building, showing Jim’s thoroughness and care. Jim will be accepting logging work for his team beginning in November.

Monterey Chevre cheese from Rawson Brook Farm in Monterey continues to do well with additional local stores carrying it. Garlic and herb is our favorite variety, but you may also like it plain or with no salt. Ask for it if you do not see it at your favorite food store.

SHARE’s annual membership meeting is scheduled for October 8th, Columbus Day, starting at 7:30 PM with a potluck dessert. It will be held at the United Methodist Church on Main Street in Great Barrington. A light will be on to illumine the path from Main Street to the parish hall in the back of the church.

We are currently seeking new depositors in the SHARE Credit Fund and new applications for loan collateralization. Your suggestions for innovative local publicity or of individuals who may like to receive information about SHARE, are always most welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting.

The Board of Trustees