New Zealand

Wairarapa Green Dollars

Region:  Wairarapa, New Zealand

Currency Type:  locally-issued convertible paper currency, LETS system

First Issued: The LETS system began in 1991, which moved online in 2006, and the vouchers were introduced in 2008

Description and Background: Members of the LETS system can withdraw the vouchers from their accounts, and anyone can purchase the vouchers at a participating store at a 1:1 rate with New Zealand dollars. - “L.E.T.S. is a system of barter or trading which uses locally created currency between members to value their trading. The unit of exchange is called WAIS, which equals, more or less, the NZ$ in value. WAIS are a measure of trading between members. They're recorded in members’ accounts and may be held in the form of WAIS Vouchers.”

Circulation and Participation: unknown

Founder: Wairarapa Exchange



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